★ Turning Strategyist around: creation, conversations and curation

Dear readers –

After a few months of silence (thankfully, there is a ton of noise around so I’m pretty sure noone really noticed ;-) ), I’m going to reboot Strategyist with a few changes. So what will  the new Strategyist be about? I think it should revolve around 3 things:

  • More creation and in more forms,
  • More conversations,
  • And the right kind of curation

Read on through the break if you’re interested in why and how. Otherwise — I hope to see you again soon with some fresh content!

Back to blogging

It all started with a diagnostic: these past few months have been way too much about consumption and a little bit of curation, and way too little about conversation and creation. In large part because I’ve been quite busy relocating, but also I have to admit because of this year’s most addictive living room gadget (I’ve named the iPad – a device that will change us more than we think, but that’s a topic for another day). It is great to keep up with news, and with what you fellow bloggers are writing about.

But the urge to write is nagging me. The other platforms are just not enough. Microblogging on Twitter is too short for any constructed discussion to take place. Buzz is great for conversations, but it is too ephemerous, and it doesn’t live in the right place (Gmail). Facebook is great for sharing generic stuff with people I know, but most of them don’t give a damn about Tech, so it always feels like I’m spamming them if I post something there.

Blogging is different. It gives you total freedom — freedom of form, control over the context, and freedom for readers to opt-in and opt-out. Blogging is far from dead.

A new Strategyist

The new Strategyist will be around 3 things — Creation, Conversations and Curation.

Creation: add shorter form content and leave more room for debate

  • I’ve received some nice praise about my first posts here. (Thanks again!) They give me confidence that long-form articles are still interesting to some of us.
  • But not all blog posts have to be long and structured. There is a lot that can be said in a couple of sentences.
  • And not all of them should require hours of thinking. It’s actually really cool when ideas evolve from a debate, so I’ll aim for more of that as well :-)

Conversations: be more authentic

  • As before, this blog will remain about my personal thoughts.
  • But I’m a perfectionnist: when it comes to putting out a blog post. I want to make sure my ideas have time to mature.
  • In the coming posts, I’ll try to be more spontaneous, at the risk of making more mistakes. Mistakes are actually great — you learn a lot more from them than from successes :-)

Curation: keep experimenting to figure out the right way to do it

  • I used to pipe my Google Reader shares into the Strategyist twitter account. Although prefixed those with “Reading:”, I feel curated links are not what a blog account is for, and since the link tracking from Bit.ly agreed.
  • If you are still interested in those shares, either follow them in Google Reader or via RSS. (At the moment I am also piping those into my personal account, but that may not last.)
  • Also, I really like what Daniel Tenner is doing with Swombat.com. You could be seeing more of this kind of content, but I still need to figure out if it’s the right form for me. Any thoughts?

Let’s see what it gives :)

What am I missing? Is this the right strategy? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, if you have a bit of time to help.

About Jean Friesewinkel

Jean is a Belgian engineer and Node.js developer. After 4 years in strategy consulting, Jean is now developing WiseRadar, a personalized news service designed to help startups grow their business. On Strategyist, he writes about web strategies and startups that change the world. He also loves sailing, cooking & photography.

11. December 2010 by Jean Friesewinkel
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