★ Three Social Thunderstorms (George Colony/Forrester Research at #leweb)

This talk by Forrester Research CEO George Colony shares three big transitions he sees affecting the web:

  1. The replacement of the Web Internet with the App Internet, which combines the power of cloud services and native apps while limiting the need for network capacity (weakest link)
  2. The saturation of Social for consumers, due to limits in both penetration (80-90% today) and usage (number of hours spent on social coming close to shopping and childcare in the US)
  3. The beginning of Social for enterprise, where the CMO will become as important as the CIO since Social tools will primarily be used for connecting with customers.

Watch the video here or after the break.

Update: Dave Winer has written two reactions about the App Internet trend, and John Battelle as well. Good counterpoint.

(via Fred Wilson)

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13. December 2011 by Jean Friesewinkel
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