Independent Strategy Consultant • Mobile App Developer


Jean Friesewinkel is an independent strategy consultant, formerly at Bain & Company, based in Paris, France, with 9+ years of experience, and freelance mobile iOS Swift developer.


PROJECTS & Clients :

Private Equity funds
+ more


I'm an independent strategy consultant, technology advisor, and product craftsman from Brussels 🇧🇪, now living in Paris 🇫🇷:

  • I focus my independent consulting work on commercial due diligence for Private Equity funds and industrial clients, with a particular taste for industries undergoing digital transformation 🤖.
  • As a technology advisor and engineer, I bridge the gap between strategy and development by helping clients define the right architecture & software stack for their needs 🌉.
  • And as a product craftsman, I build apps with a focus on simplicity and emotion -- expressing my creativity & analytical rigor as a Swift, NodeJS or Elm developer to provide great end user experiences 🌅.

When I'm not helping clients grow their projects or building mobile apps for fun on the side, I spend time with my family 👨‍👩‍👧, playing the piano 🎹, cooking for guests 👨‍🍳, or at classical music concerts 🎼.

I'm available for freelance strategy consulting 🎯 and mobile app development 📲. I also try to pay it forward as much as I can — if you have an entrepreneurial project and need help, let's meet over ☕️/🍻!